Gerrie Diaz

Product Designer & User Experience Lead

New Jersey * New York

About Me

As part of my family's first generation in the United States, I was raised to work hard, lead by example and value all opportunities that may come my way. I am currently the Lead User Experience (UX) Architect for a web-based Human Resources software company with 3500+ clients. I am capable of front-end application coding, but my desire is to focus on the UX aspects of software design:

  • conceptual designs
  • sketching
  • usability testing
  • wireframing
  • visual design
  • information architecture
  • interaction design
  • journey mapping
  • user flows
  • etc.



Developed a corporate product design strategy that ensured Ease of Use, Engagement, Education, and Quality.


Founded lightweight process to ensure reviews and consistency on user perceivable changes.


Founded and lead the design guild comprised of designers and developers in order to bring camaraderie to group as well as consistency to the software.


Lead majority of design related efforts and production roll-outs at a "hockey stick" growing organization via a one-man team (me!).


Please contact me for the files.

Daily UI

Daily user interface design challenges.

#1 Sign Up
#2 Credit Card Checkout
#3 Landing Page
#4 Calculator
#5 App Icon
#6 User Profile