People Management

The surprising traits of good remote leaders

"Those chosen as remote leaders were doers, who tended towards planning, connecting teammates with help and resources, keeping an eye on upcoming tasks and, most importantly, getting things done. These leaders were goal-focused, productive, dependable and helpful." - Arianne Cohen

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The feedback fallacy

"Excellence is an outcome, so take note of when a prospect leans into a sales pitch, a project runs smoothly, or an angry customer suddenly calms down. Then turn to the team member who created the outcome and say, 'That! Yes, that!' By doing this, you’ll stop the flow of work for a moment and pull your colleague’s attention back toward something she just did that really worked." - Marcus Buckingham and Ashley Goodall

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Productively managing conflict

"Alternative processes (e.g. 'dedicate 20% of engineering time to improving platform response speeds,' or 'if we fall below a certains speed benchmark, we’ll pause other priorities to get back to our standards') would have allowed you to more smoothly align incentives and set your team up for success." - Stay SaaSy

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